A System –
that ignores its duty ‘o:
care, protection and justice
but preys on its citizens.
Self-serving pols
with a devilish trade –
loot us dry, run abroad from death
that can catch them anywhere.

A System –
churches and mosques –
protectors ‘o faith
pride themselves in building
mega places ‘o worship
preach so much about banishin’ poverty
yet schools, factories and hospitals
are empty, unproductive and idle
being sick as bad as being sentenced
to a firing squad.

A System –
loud-mouth’d Kanu calls Zoo Republic
where genuine efforts are continuously frustrate’d
bottlenecks creat’d by power cravers
‘in-your-face’ religious bigots, and
peddlers ‘o tribalism who can’t
seem to get enough expensive things in life
while the rest are ruin’d and poorer,
this system like Y is a crook’d letter
urging to be made straight.


Copyright © 2018. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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