Yeah, I remember the year 2019
the slogan: NEXT LEVEL
but the economy afterwards is in recession
workers n’ management at crossroads –
mass-sack, unannounced pay cuts,
hunger n’ despair in the land –
the world’s poverty capital.

Fear of suicide bombers
in the mosque, church, n’ marketplace.
Government keen on land grabs
ready to plant grasses for cows
not concrete for factories;
They’re sending in an army
at any IPOB provocation
not courts for killer herdsmen

they’re finding convenient scapegoats –
the opposition n’ wailing wailers
anyone who speaks out is censored or imprisoned
why have I not mentioned Sowore, Nnamdi Kanu, n’ Baba
I am talking about 2119 and 1919, not 2019.

© TheVillageGong | 2019

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