Five times a distant firework banged and flicked
it’s 12:01; it’s 2018; it’s another dawn and perfect
with merry, high expectations and hopeful reckon
I made my New Year resolutions; I made thee welcome.

In your newness, wonder, and un-guilt I’d think
with hypes from economists that our dear country’s stink
has emerged from Recession and Crude prices soar
Affluence will label me: BOUGHT & PAID FOR.

January came, February followed and March marched on
still, I kept my chin up thinking my 8 to 6 will court Yuan
only to be stripped to the ankles by Eviction and Hunger
embarrassed by unpaid debts, late bills, and dire anger.

In another five days, another firework will bang and flick
it’ll be another dawn; it’ll be 2019; again 12:01 will tick
If 2018 couldn’t provide enough goodwill
perhaps (I earnestly pray) the next 365 days will.

Copyright © 2019. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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