“In Biafra the Nigerian conscience died”

9ja, my 9ja
you’re dear to me
as a homeland

but I know you’ll
not be truly mine
until Justice is done.

Are you still that country
my proud forebears fought
vehemently for at Independence?

Sang at dinner tables, in Town halls,
that you’ll cultivate Evenhandedness
for all – East and West, North and South?

“Take it or leave it, we’re one.”
We’ve convinced ourselves but
we keep at deceit – a fulfilling fruitful union.

All I see is a country where I’m perceived
as an outcast – a conquered tribe,

Being Ibo is not Nigerian anymore
This’ now the buzz of a new nation
snatch’d by a slick n’ treacherous cabal.

Every drop of blood in me
that once held patriotism
now renounces you, broadcasts cynicism.

Does it take a seer to know
that all the weight of your hate
now sits a dead weight on your conscience?

Am I still your cherish’d child –
a son worth callin’
this Green-White emblem his own?

Should my allegiance be to
that country that once was!?
…that land of the Rising Sun.

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  1. It is over 50 years since Nigeria’s brutal civil war calling for the secession of Biafra started. By the time it ended in 1970 up to three million Ibos had perished due to the conflict, most from hunger and disease caused by Nigerian forces. More than two million people died from the famine imposed deliberately through blockade throughout the war. Indeed, “In Biafra the Nigerian conscience died.”
    Now a new movement (IPOB – Indigenous People of Biafra) has emerged calling for independence, but is Biafra the answer?

  2. I also feel your pain, however it takes you and I to make that change in our noble country Nigeria. Its not going to be an easy ride, but that dream is a possibility. Your poem is lovely.

    1. Winston Churchill (a patriot like no other) once said – “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” It is this persistence that gives ordinary people like you and I hope in a country so deep in rot like ours. My humble wish is for a BETTER Nigeria. Thanks for appreciating “9JA”

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