Reeling n’ tossing about
to catch this altered awareness
I must rest my affairs, my worries,
momentarily to pause my unending ‘What Ifs’.

Finally, it came,
happily, she tamed me
n’ we swagger on
to enjoy our splendid tango.

Whenever the beat is on
we rock n’ watch
the world freak
at our half-death state.

I kissed her all night
she strolled by, to ravish me
we blinded all the lights
that shone into my room.

I turn the way she leads
we quenched the raging storm
I bow to wherever
her irrepressible will pleads.

she winks at my dreary eyes,
because she’s more awake than light
Slumber is a swell mistress –
a beautiful thing.

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala | Spilledwoords | 2020

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

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