A tale shall be told
of a man whose story
is long and impressive.
A story of resilience and valor
with an extravagant show of discipline.

Of a man who conquered the arena
with his sword of firm courage,
with his hard-clinched fit and steady feet.
And fought with every ounce of his strength,
like a merciless gladiator
who staked his own life in a gamble.

Of a man who never sank
but swam across the Atlantic
despite being shown no iota of prudence
by the turbulence of the ocean storm.

A man who was top of all his endeavors,
who lived with the awareness,
that history will only tell
the tale of the very best men
who were well and truly manly.

Copyright © Onah Chidera J.H. |Spilledwoords.org | 2020

Photo: James Arthur Baldwin an American novelist, playwright, essayist, poet, and activist.

Onah Chidera is an unpublished poet and a copywriter who help brands and companies maximize productivity and enlarge customer base by creating irresistible advert contents and fine online presence through his creativity. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from a prestigious Nigerian university. Chidera is an Enugu resident and a native of Nsuka – Nigeria.

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