When we were teens, less than 20
desperately innocent, full of wonder
a word was rarely utter’d at dinner.

E’eryone knew this ‘vague’ word by instinct
yet sought in curiosity its ‘vivid’ meaning
thro’ Page-three girls, or movies.

In ways, only Puberty could decipher
some took in secret a willing acquaintance
to know this words’ ‘mystery’ and ‘quiet’ humor.

Others indulge self to quell a hard-on
whiledecodin’ this oft christen’d ‘illicit’ word
without mum’s care; without pop’s guidance.

Much riper now in years, still my juvenile son
high on testosterone I can’t eschew embarrassment
discuss and honestly disclose this ‘taboo’ word.

Nor can I technicalities of this ‘worry’ word
teach my daughter feelin’ her way blind
now that she has bought her first bra and pad.

Are we hard-wired to this cast-in-concrete mindset?
Why not!? Tell them what this bolt of desire
between their legs is all about – without shame.

Tell them a wife, a husband is best to:
disentangle this web of tender intimacies
barrelin’ down on all God’s children.

Spare them a pervert who mentors only his oddity
spare them of abortion, spare them of that virus
that permits the old to bury the young.

Why not!? Tell them: this hush-hush is “SEX”.

(c) 2018
About the author: Ugo Nkwoala
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