Whistled at by
flying British L-29 Delphins,
jeered at by
sky falling bombs,
slashed by
vicious mercenary pilots
on an “operation” that maim and shred
men, women, and children in a twinkle.
About this tale, they say DON”T TELL.

A mother beats her
bare chest and wail
“Jesu! Jesu! Why hast thou forsaken us!
A wife runs to fetch
her kwashiorkor drained baby
before another raid, another onslaught;
this land (of the East) is watered with tears
enriched by early graves of her dwellers.
About this tale, they say DON”T TELL.

“What ugly exaggerated claims you
let slip thro’ your teeth” they accuse us
“those ill-starred years
of burst and boom of bombs ne’er were
the demons of hate crime, genocide and
starvation as a weapon of war
has been exorcized
no Igbo man, woman or child was shot at (in Asaba)
reminiscent of the Nazi.”
About this tale, they now say DO TELL.

Copyright © 2019. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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