Though buried in the heart
True love is never suffocated
Though engraved in letters of blood
True love leaves no wreck or casualty

True love never dies
It is like energy, a force of nature
It is neither created nor destroyed
It is not slain though the body be slain

True love never departs
It endures all and pants to the end
While some write about some lost love
True love can only be found, it is never lost

True love is boundless
Like Bithiah’s fabled words for Moses
Son, you shall ride high among the eagles
Your name will live when the pyramids are dust

True love never ends
Like the words of Ziska to Arexis
Arexis, thou runneth and I pursue thee
From life into death and death into life again

True love counts no wrong
Though it sheds tears when hurt
It shares no similitude with the crocodile
Ever ready to smile at the spark of penitence

True love is eternal
Fluxing perpetually around mortals
It is only by induction we learn to love
And little wonder our love is said to wax cold.

© Chigozie Chikere | 2014 | All rights reserved.

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