Ebony girl in Cleopatra dress

Did they tell you
a woman loses her sway
when you’ve eaten her pizza?

Ask Helen of Troy,
ask Bethsabee (of Old Testament),
but most of all, ask Cleopatra.

Keep your priorities straight
never fall for a lad’s lies
every one of them, even the timid

has an insatiable itch to get laid
they’re like a herd of lions on steroids
thirsty for a sport in their throes of passion.

Play them for all they’re worth
know when to stay for the night
and when to bail before morning.

Save your heart for none
mostly those quick to promise
a love that’s pure and untainted,

they’ll drain you and leave you to rot
they’ll reap your heart out for a meal;
they’re as predatory as a shark.

When the night is over,
the makeup washed off
and the deed consummated.

Men are only good for two things:
the bliss of a stiffie.

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2020

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