“To speak up, and work, against a narcissistic despot, is both a civic and religious duty” – 4th Estate Reporters

Tread lightly, our Emperor and his band
of bear-hugging, praise singing ball-boys
that inhabit our house at Cabinet Office
bid a final farewell – evicted.

Then fresh from victory – hero of ‘people’s vote’
basking in accolade, everyone even men
he’d swindle greet’d him with praise –
“My Governor! My Governor!”

A jolly, cunning, free-and-easy fellow
full of raw greed and swaggering gait
he heeds only one law –

Apologists my say he stole not a Kobo from commoners,
moved mountains to help the needy n’ downtrodden
but at close scrutiny he ran roughshod
over his subjects like Mobutu of ‘Dictatorland’.

He champion’d IBERIBERISM – a new economics:
Borrow, spend, greatly enrich self n’ family,
Don’t sneeze at contract skimming, land grabbing,
Ballot-box stuffing n’ bully-boy tactics.

Now that this bullfight has been
fought n’ won, fought n’ lost;
a new broom may sweep better but
an aged tattered bunch knows the corners best.

Laugh off naught this episode as part of life’s
rich tapestry and get on with business as usual
this colonial house on the hill built by Douglas
that its title deed belongs to my people – Imolites

devours Stalinist and arrogant tenant-kings without pity
on this whim, it seems hangs the fate of its every occupant.
Tread lightly then Governor-Elect, tread cautiously;
let him who has ears be awake n’ aware.

Copyright © 2019. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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