Gene Deitch (1924 – 2020)

Imbibe – the 7 Cs:
Courage, Curiosity, Connection,
Clarity, Contentment, Commitment
& Comedy.

Don’t ask am I OK?
Can my lover &
that stranger next-door be trusted?
Does what I do to earn a decent wage matter?

You are OK, some people can be trusted
Yes, if you work at it assiduously
there is always a way
to make what you do matter.

Be authentic – don’t hold back
Be human, it is awesome!

© Ugo Nkwoala. Spilledwoords, 2020

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  1. Tom and Jerry cartoon series was a special part of my childhood days; the duo made Saturday’s a special day. This is my own little way of saying THANK YOU to the creator – Gene Deitch for entertaining my sibling and I and generations of cartoon viewers over the years. Adieu!!!

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