There are four of us in the room:
the half-filled palm wine keg,
Dada and
God – the uninvited, unseen
and entertained guest.

“Keep friends only for friendship
Be wary, they betray quickly and are
easily aroused to envy; you’ve more
to fear from them than from enemies
with friends you’ll have no caution

they laugh extra hard at your supposed jokes
and if you so solely trust
they’ll eat you alive with ingratitude.
Since Honesty rarely strengthens friendship
you often may not know fake from fad.

If you don’t have a foe, make one!
Never let their presence upset or distress you,
an enemy at your gate, sharpens your wits,
encourage and hire one and he’ll be
more of value because he has more to prove.”

Before taking another sip, Dada – my grandpa
looked me straight in the eyes and said:
“My dear son, if you must a friend, choose with care,
but love your adversary more and pray –
God protect me from false friends,
Cos I know how to kill my enemies.”

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