“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”

My wife, the whip and I
had inculcated in her virtuousness;
Amanda – my unworldly daughter
kept at it with such devotion,
that shames a saint.

On pretense, Fred and I
my comrade in Eros would prowl
in search of teenage girls
bubbling with unusual energy,
our wives none the wiser.

That weekend, for our treachery
a different hotel we chose
our spouses at home tending
children we sired from matrimony,
noxious habits have no time for shame.

Fred had spoken of his latest catch;
a lass of sixteen with
an unhealthy appetite –
“She gives the best treat and knacks
you to a point of no return!”

We had planned a swapping
my comrade and I
of this social-girl in the morning.
The weekend was young,
our pockets unspent.

He laid with her all night long,
drunk of her daredevil oomph,
her untaxed vigor, her uncommon acrobatics.
My conjugal anxiety couldn’t wait
to devour this lass, her partner a bore.

On stepping out of the bathroom
the swapping having taken place
there laid on the bed awaiting my
immoral bonding –
My Pearl, My Amanda.

Copyright © 2018. Ndidiamaka Ugo-Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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