thank you

Dear God, of all the many
presents you give, none is less
but more importantly is your love
which you give to me unselfishly
– a strayed infant child.

Without you, I am nothing
– a useless toy tossed aside
by an uncaring child.
Your love is such Gratitude
price more than gold, more than fame.

Daily I need your love
more than a leaf does the sun
to sustain and uphold me.
As I ruminate the immensity of your
unselfishness am ill at ease – ashamed.

You give your all and I a mere makin’ of dust
who by lean faith stand in your presence
awe-struck by your omnipotence
can’t comprehend such uncommon gesture.
Thank you Jehovah.

Copyright © 2018. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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