“Live life to the fullest, regret nothing and remember your beautiful.”
― Knisztina

Dear love,
without doubt
you know I love and cherish you
but there’s another in my life
I first meet him at cradle
long before I set eyes on you
long before I knew your face or name.

Without doubt, you want me –
a lover, a husband, a mate.
He’s so dear, you my new love sweeter;
merrier it’s to be with you
but why he makes me feel better
I cannot tell, neither am I sorry
to be Cheats’ willful child.

Had I not loved him, how would I’ve known you
or being obliged to look with affection on any?
Because I adore him, I’ve not grown cynical
within my heart he lives – my sinner, my saint
like ivy and oak, we entwine –
the one whom I love first and best
the one whom I love before you, before any other.
He’s me.

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