You’ve dug a hole in me
lesser in depth than Abyss.
Leveraging I thought I was
when I sought your solace.

You’ve slept with me
more as a pest than a jolly bedfellow
your arms more gripping
n’ forceful than a lover’s caress.

You’ve lulled me to coma
with mock comfort;
eyes misty but still hopeful
that someday you’d leave.

Like the devil’s salary
I’ve come to loathe you,
whoever beliefs in you hisses
in regret for a long long time.

Debt – you’re Mammoth
unlike the savior you profess
you turn a soul – free n’ happy
into a bitter slave.

You’re injurious n’ seductive
easy to get into,
but hard to get out of –
little wonder you’ve many clients.

Copyright © 2018. Ndidi Ugo-Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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