Don’t fall in love with a woman
who feels too much in her bosom,
not petty, gossipy, or irritated
sure of herself – educated.

Don’t fall in love with a woman, sort of
who cries her heart out when making love,
whose passion is intense – unabated
knows how to make bedtime animated.

A woman whose clothes is tight enough
not to render her femininity a bluff
but loose enough to depict her a lady
of exquisite taste, not shady.

Don’t fall in love with a woman
more interested in books than in cooking
opinionated and feel a huge horror from injustice
one who considers watching soap operas of no substance,

let alone one that loves poetry
(these are the most dangerous in society),
spends half an hour contemplating a painting
and isn’t able to live without music – uncomplaining.

Or a woman who is beautiful n’ jolly
no matter the features of her face or her body.
Don’t fall in love with such a woman, who is lucid,
engaging, tense, comical as well as gruesome.

Don’t fall in love with a woman like that.
Because when you do for an aristocrat
like that, whether she stays with you or not,
whether she loves you or not, from her lot,

you never come back
you’ll never backtrack.

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala |Spilledwoords | 2020
(Extract from Martha Rivera-Garrido)

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