Dreamland’s gate is not locked
even those betrothed to misery
ride in the delight of the Wright brothers
hug princes in a wanton relish
revel in well-styled buffet
while their empty bowels groan timidly.

Dreamland’s gate is not locked,
a land lush in lithospheric beauty
of bright hues spread vastly
separated by parasomniac realities
of bodies deprived of sleep
who solace finds in this dreamland.

The gate to dreamland is not locked
hectares upon hectares of unending land
bridgeless, stretching, everlasting.
Accommodating the mad, the sane, the feverish
in a boundless palace of beauty- turned ugly on waking.

Dreamland’s access code is
like the air – freely given,
a land where pains wear Joy’s faces
Happiness’ heart palpitates into wakefulness
every hunger gets filled.

This borderless land loves every sleeping eye
accompanies all – this faithful bodyguard
that knows no race, no age, no color
standing not aloof, so all can see
that, its gate is not locked.

Copyright © Ndidi Ugo-Nkwoala | Spilledwoords.org |2020

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