Tears! I was told I ne’er let
a drop from my bent brows,
but not at times like this.

I was told I ne’er raised
a cloak to veil my eyes
but not to him I vex my weeping heart for.

Who to that pit for which I must someday follow
has gone too soon, too sudden, too early
whose musing utterly loathes me of sleep.

My tears gush heavily; they come in floods –
unashamed and wild, sorrowful and bitter;
a broken heart bleeds no blood but tears.

Ediongse! Ediongse! Why is Death’s craving
to fill his stomach, yet his appetite is ne’er satisfied?
Why do Good die young? Why have you abandoned us?

© Ugo Nkwoala. 2019. All rights reserved.

With a broken heart the earth closed on your coffin today, may Jehovah in his infinite mercy keep you in his memory for the love you’ve shown for his name.

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