Underage Registration

If Election day is tomorrow
Ms Radio Announcer, Mr Electoral Umpire
please do me a favour; tell him
to come another day.

I haven’t kept all of my campaign promises,
paid my vows to end bribery and Boko Haram,
or responded to the long-overdue letter from my constituents
asking why their roads, hospitals, and schools are such shitholes.

I’ve been busy makin’ money, makin’ rich family & friends
who help’d me win or should I rightly say help’d rig me in
while the rest stood in the sun to vote
cling to my manifesto like a lifeboat at a shipwreck.

Tell him I haven’t prepar’d a hand-over note yet
nor do I intend relinquishin’ power, such’s for the Jonathans
I no longer believe in the ballot box; State-power is god
Ballots don’t determine the outcome; the counters do.

If Election Day is tomorrow, please tell him
I don’t understand this tick-trick of the clock
four years was just yesterday
I’ve barely begun my tenure.

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2009 | All rights reserved

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