Pocket lawyers everywhere
Rolling out conflicting analyses
Of a seeming jurisdictional muddle
Lilly-livered politicians everywhere
Auctioning their oscillating loyalty
Like a piece of cloth in a market stall
Empty minded masses everywhere
Blown hither and thither like leaves
Tanned carton brown by misery
And the scorching heat of tyranny
Life is a teacher and again a crucible
Pain is a tutor and also a catalyst
The thoughtful grow by synthesis
Crowd followers are spent as fuel
The winner doubles down his spoils
The sharks converge and carry the day
Stewards ditch their master for a song
Then jump ship like migratory birds
Foraging across the divide for a reward
The man in Douglas House is no fool
A political quarantine will be their lot
A sort of life-changing backhand slap
It’s different strokes for different folks.

© Chigozie Chikere,

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