Secret Love

Sharing isn’t for me! I scorn splits!
Give me the whole or nothing at all
that was our pact – your vow,
not being on Tinder while still married!

Mate! Do not deny me my due,
your body and your affection are mine.
With no side chick, must I share these
give me full measure, not morsels!

Is it her moist crevice you crave?
I’ll give you whole-souled my pubis– and more,
my breasts are bare, ready, and overflowing;
my nipples are rock-hard for fondling.

There is a sharing I welcome – a bed
where pressing hard against my butt cheeks
moan echoes through the room,
as if a giant petrel was aboard our ship.

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2020

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