His first coronation…..
was loud and boisterous,
faraway folks danced
in joyous rhythm
in celebratory backslapping.

Emotions were infectious,
‘twas a new dawn for Change.
Lost in momentary covetousness
many suspended their reasoning.

Some trekked long distances
in jubilee of a new King’s ascent.
The trekkers are still on the move,
I suppose.

Many even called him god.
We needed a savior; wanted a messiah.
We got one,
I bet you.

It was a celebration of people’s resolve
to change a monarch they were fed up with –
a transition befitting the hopes and expectations
that heralded the new dawn.

Our new King had adopted an amenable persona
of a reformed democrat – a born again;
lured many to believe he has come
as a servant King.

But a darker side not discernable to many
was shielded with an odious incorrigibility mien.
Our past King was ill-magnified
by desperate power buccaneers

to hoodwink a gullible nation with
the sweet promise of CHANGE
when they had no intention(s) –
obviously a vote-catching gimmick.

It didn’t take long for the new king
to bare his teeth – started trampling
on the rights and freedoms
we once all knew and took for granted.

Surely, Obama’s Axelrod has tutored them well:
Crowd behavior is a science
“Change is a verb… not a thing to behold.”
we have been subdued.

© Ugo Nkwoala
SpilledWoords, 2020

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