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His second coronation –
evident yet suspicious;
with hisses of frustration
many wore mournful looks as if in a requiem.

The fog of his crown has finally cleared;
enchantment has given way to disillusionment.
Even some vociferous supporters are deserting –
“He’s of a medieval mindset. He excludes rather than includes.”

“Why did he come back?” They ask.
They thought he came prepared;
to undo for the better as promised
but after a few months, the singsong is Insecurity,

“The falsehoods sold as Change are unraveling!”
Those who have not openly expressed
some apprehensions about our Messiah
are grumbling and sniveling.

A few diehards are still clinging
to a strand of hope, to a miracle –
“Things are going to change for the better
under his headship.”

Where are those intellectuals
that imposed him on us?
Where are those armchair critics
that described him as a phenomenon?

Is it a conspiracy or sheer ignoramus
when Palpability was ringing hand-bells,
they couldn’t decipher fake from fad?
Commoners – the silent undiscerning majority query.

Inundated with his supposed good intent
about our beloved country by his apologists,
they sold him to us,
but we have been hoodwinked.

He is destined
to turn things around for the better
“Build the homeland of our dreams.”
Has he?

Nigeria is choking; the noose is tightening around her neck
but the ruthless hangmen aren’t
about to end the pain and agony.
They are watching,

laughing, grinning, and patting themselves,
scheming for a third coronation
“have mercy, just take a bow and go!”

© Ugo Nkwoala | 2020 | All rights reserved.

Extract from Shaka Momodu’s article Why Did He Come Back

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