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We've the Right Words to Sooth Your Mood

We are a repository of poetry, short stories, photos, and artwork. Enjoy the best spill of words, from “on-the-edge” themes to the mundane and run-of-the-mill, crafted for those who enjoy writing and reading. We provide a forum for aspiring writers and graphic artists to improve their skills, create a fan base, and share their work with the world.


We have a selection of poetry whose themes range from political to explicit and are written by both published and unpublished writers. Each submission demonstrates the creativity and talent of the contributor.

Flash Fiction

Ours is a collection of flash fiction written to thrill and engage while showcasing the talent and ingenuity of the author who chooses to share their ideas in our open forum. Enjoy, laugh, cry, and scream along with us.

Short Stories

Stories are a powerful way to express our humanity in this relentlessly virtual age. Be part of this conversation and engagement. Check out our array of short stories, featuring film and audio writers, poets, and more. Read the stories. 

Photo & Artwork

A photograph or an artwork, can tell a story or write a verse in ways that words cannot. We have a collection of photos and graphic art that perfectly capture the everyday experiences of being human and the beauty of the outdoors. 

Ready To Showcase Your Craft?

If all you accomplish with your writing or artwork is to decorate the drawer or hard drive that keeps it hostage, it's not worth the endeavour. Send us your craft; we’ll publish it for free. Click on the guidelines for more information. Become a contributor.




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