“Sometimes you want to say, “I love you, but…end up saying another”

I recall your soft lips’
touch on mine
its sweet tongue
and pleasures given.
This I couldn’t resist but relish
still as I write this verse
I can’t say –
“I love you”.

Those fancy words
can hardly tell
what my half-ripe heart
feels for you.
I can’t answer those
lofty questions you
profess with these words –
“I love you”.

It’s obvious there’s
current between us,
this I know and ‘ve
so hard tried to suppress.
If only you can unwind
my coil, you’d see how
blur it’s for me to say –
“I love you”.

Am long due to ‘ve told you
“’m sorry, bear with me”
to me those profound words
are of sad employ.
A symphony of joy to many
but a thief to that I value most
only mere words as it sounds –
“I love you”.

Yet if I could scorn
Hate, and Pride, and Fear
If I were a beast born
not to shed tears nor grieve.
Maybe I would‘ve come to terms
Love’s bitter-sweet tales,
maybe then, I would’ve told you –
“I love you”.

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