I went old-school—back to the caves. It felt weird.

As a natural talker, I’ve become more addicted to phones since they’ve gone from being the size of bricks to being portable toys. I even take it to bed with me, treating it like a teddy bear and acting as though it were my mistress. But I decided to go “cold turkey” for three weeks to see if I could survive without a mobile.

One could argue that losing my connection to the outside world will cause me more suffering. But I feel freer, calmer, and more relaxed. After the swap, there was no reason to worry about the news or the 50 messages that waited for me on my social network app. Now that there is no hype or distraction from a new app, I can read the newspaper with rapt attention.

“Noah, I’d think you were dead! Your phone didn’t ring for days.” Chiadi, my best friend, announced as we stood at the doorway of my apartment. After not receiving a response to his messages, he checked in on me. He’s a good buddy. His concern suggested how uncivilized I was—like my Bible namesake.

“Try it. It is sometimes good to return to the cave.”

It would have been easier to lie to appease my guest, telling him, “My phone is damaged.” Such would have been preferable to bugging or tormenting him. Yes, with tales of the benefits of a mobile-free existence.

“I liked it. It is liberating; I slept better without checking countless texts. Also, I found a new hobby—re-engaging with the art of human-to-human interaction.”
“So, your phone is now back.”
“Yes,” I said, patting my phone in my pocket and smiling.
“Isn’t it awful? Didn’t it feel like giving up your lover?” Chiadi exclaimed.
“That’s true,” I said, reflecting on how much worse I felt without my precious gadgets.
“Try it. It is sometimes good to return to the cave.”

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