While I was pleasuring you,
Time took flight n’ Life pass’d me by.
I should have been searching for
a lifetime partner –
someone to raise a family with.

Instead, I was afflicted with vanity,
eating of your forbidden fruit
providing you with an elixir – an excuse for
indulgence you thought you would miss out on
by being either a faithful wife or celibate.

While I was pleasuring you,
dotting every exclamation point
of your filthy pleasure for a fee
I naively mistook your hunger for love
not knowing you felt only an ounce.

In righteous impatience that would not wait
many many willing lass have come, many gone
still this career of gigolo laud me on
still I walk alone – a cushion out of place
still stuck in a rut, with no family – childless.

While I was pleasuring you
I thought the money, fast cars n’ Versace
this profession showered would make me happy n’ fulfilled,
but now my good looks, my youth has gone south
I’ve been replaced in the game by more spirited stallions

I miss the old me you n’ your wealthy friends
in their sunset years held umbrellas for;
then charms and sweet words were potent
now I’m a stale fruit that tastes the sweetest
n’ juiciest: to Regret, to misspent youth.

                                            Copyright © 2018. SpilledWoords. All rights reserved.

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