“America is a great country, built by great people – you know what made them great – the spirit of freedom and a disregard for binding tradition.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Build Bridges not Walls: In the name of Americana

Whites, Negros, Redmen, Immigrants –
rich in courage, abundant in self-sacrifice;
bright minds – God’s gift to the world
to flourish civilization once again.

You ‘bought’ African natives, converted them
to Christians and economic machines
founded great industries out of their servitude, and
after convulsing with Morality, set them free.

You stormed the beaches at Normandy
smashed Hitler’s Fortress, his psyche and saved the world.
After years of blood, dirt, and sacrifice
you built amazing feats – Microchips and Nukes,

sent a man to the moon, conquered Communism
and sometimes at defining yet odd moments
America is great; let America be great again!

What has become of these endeavors?
A GREAT DIVIDE (they haves and have-nots)
while HUMANITY is on the decline
threatened by a defeat of what’s best by what’s worst.

For some of us in the Saprano States –
founded by omission or commission by your great enterprise CIA;
the little expendable people of the world you’ve sold arms
to their repressive governments to suppress the militant meek.

For some of us, Social and Economic progress
can only be detected with a microscope
that lacks effective participation in your WORLD TRADE.
we still mumble in POVERTY dark.

Exporting overloaded leaky boats, braving the seas
dare danger to cross the Mediterranean
to catch a glimpse of a Better Life,
seize her and maybe someday bring her home.

We too sing with the Silent-Majority:
“Let America be great again!”
Let Uncle Sam’s America be America again! Not: a hammer
looking for nails, a bully boy thinking he’ll always have his way.

Let Trump’s America be America again –
sharing in the common brotherhood of man
not building walls. Everyone can’t be vagabonds
and extremists with bombs and malice up their sleeves.

The world is bigger than TEXAS and CHINA combined
this world is yours as well as mine, we’re all on the same page –
“To make HUMANITY great; to make HUMANITY great again!”

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