Dear Dibay,
With the most anxious of hearts
I – a congenital admirer of yours
humbly tender this supplication
for the fulfillment of the Cupid
desires of my heart that has
reached the end of its endurance.

Ever since you were conceived
in my mind by my ocular parts
I’ve beseeched God to help me
forget you, to let me be, but nay;
in overwhelming admiration and longing
my heart to you I have lost.

A sight seemed cut out from a sculpture
I stare at your beauty in disbelief;
with shivers running down my spine
like a brush of water over stone.
With you the sky is a blaze of blue
at your smile – golden sunrays emerge.

I am he –
A poor humble beggar of love,
whose only plea is your affection,
I dare not from you a kiss
anticipate lest I bruise
your tender lips with gloat.

I have attended the citadel of
Loneliness and heartache as such
these know me by name,
but how can I, thoughts of you forget
when you’re everywhere in me –
your face in every flower I see
your smile a spell – a new song?

My lady, it’s my utmost wish that
the wordings of this calligraphic epistle
be not misconstrued, but ruminated over –
lend this entreat a thought. It’s the only way
my fair princess can really fathom
what the desires of this meek beggar are.

These requests I have summoned
courage to ask trouble my mind:
that you love me the poor man I am
not in spirit but in gold and possessions,
that you be not that which I desire most
yet that which I may have the least of.

That my supplication be given
ample opportunity and not seen
as an avenue to dish out
invectives and woe on me;
incarcerate me not but, chide me
with the sweetest of affections.

If by this highly priced petition, I’ve indulged
imploring you to: vividly imagine, sincerely believe
ardently desire and enthusiastically art upon
I’m heading towards murky waters
by your sole judgment –
I pray thee forgive this entreaty.

Until then …
I send my love
hoping this letter finds
you in good health
and good spirit
Sincerely yours … Ugo.

© Ugo Nkwoala |2019 | All rights reserved.

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