3d Illustration of a Homo Erectus

I’ve sat in steer, given a nod
without remorse like Herodias to Herod
to the murder of innocent men;
did I hear you say it’s so horrible?

I’ve slaughtered my kind, sawed into shreds
men n’ women of high n’ low births at odd
with each other in war—in the trenches,
we perished like ants from hate n’ gunpowder.

I’ve permitted envy to deprive merit
to the deserving, whom Success applauded
I’ve cheated on the one I vowed my love —
the wife of my youth.

Her breasts are no longer as soft or as delicious.
Ooh, yes! Earth breeds no finer beast than I;
did I hear you say: “I’m a gentleman!”

Some call me Homo erectus;
maybe I’m still evolving.

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2022

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  1. Man the overseer of the Earth was created to do good but strange how our power has gone forfeit, as Oscar Wilde rightly observed, in creating man, God somewhat overestimated his ability – our propensity to kill and undo one another.

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