Born Again

Papa is born again
this new spirit in him –
crinkled eyes, fading skin
bald-head, graying side-burns
is dogged.

Many thirty-year-olds or even less
are responsive, like Lydia was to Paul
this good news –
Money, Power, and Confidence
which were elusive at tender years.

It is difficult and different for Mama
this mid-life salvation –
gone down the drain beauty,
laugh lines that don’t die
long after Laughter has faded.

Although in her heart, fifty is nifty
she’s still that checkout girl –
that inspires lust with her alluring geometry
but such fantasy belong to Romeo’s Juliet
not to Juliet’s mother.

Torn like Nicodemus between consent and confusion
Papa is now master of his fate – a convert,
Mama is still perplexed by this life-changing gospel
playing Lot’s wife – looking at things left behind – wondering:
“Is my lord gonna trade me for a younger and prettier model?”

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala | | 2018

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