This week we explore five poems highlighting a crisis older adults go through. A phase when falling health distorts their anatomy or worst a stage some feel they could be happier by making adverse changes in their life, and they feel the urge to accomplish results too soon. These often trigger making unusual choices – having an affair, walking away from their family, begin more concerned about appearance, and having more desire for excitement and thrills even when the hormones that support such pleasures have gone south. If you are at this stage in life, which the author refers to as every man’s demon, these five poems an extract from MIDLIFE – A Collection of Poems (a work in progress) we hope will be thought-provoking towards self-discovery and emancipation. Let the verses challenge your assumptions and conventions, liberate, and uplift your spirit. Real-life begins at midlife.

I am 50

So I –
sign on the dotted line
Midlife’s warrant, I am 50 –
the year of retrospect,
the year of sudden realization:

I’ve missed out on life already,
if I don’t hurry now, it’s going to be late
before gray hairs’ days when it becomes
harder to bear in mind two things at a time.

I want great possessions – more money
I want a good life – the sex
but I’ve become an inferior version of
the stallion I used to be –
unwitty weave the ruin of my own life.

So I –
sign on the dotted line
all things in excess now are no sin
it could be a defeat or a victory
the choice is entirely mine.

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala | |2020

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