Looking at the reflection
she now acknowledges as hers
a gorgeous frame that’s twice a lady
this six-digit investment in body beauty
is the anatomy she has hopelessly prayed
to God to be born with, but now has an abundance.

She admires in the mirror:
a wide hip and thick thighs, the shape of a hookah
her now swell bosom hung like a lampshade
defying gravity as it totters free
the outline of her generous back and pert bottom
appear most promising—indeed, a masterpiece.

“Someday, this beauty will break its spell; until then,”
the woman in the mirror says to herself
“I am buxom, I am voluptuous
though sneerers say I’m beautiful
by robbing Nature under the knife.

But who gives a f**k when I am
the toast and craving of gents
the envy and ambition of less endowed dames
whose curves and boobies can’t measure up
to my pencil-pointed melons.”

Admit it or not
all feminine bodies are beautiful,
but nothing less than PERFECT is the norm
looking thick, curvy and enhanced
nipped and tweaked, gel-filled and pumped up
is this the new normal: who dares wish for it
when you can buy a flawless body, ah! at a surgeon’s table.

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2022 | All rights reserved.

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