“So put your stubbornness to rest,
Yes, open up your eyes.
No big bang has ever happened, God brought us to life.”
― Kari L. Greenaway, There is a God

I confess with great curiosity
to Nature’s intrigue and intricacy
perceived in Creation’s creative works
which I descriptive words totally lack.
How could the sing-songs of a cock
herald the dawn of a new day?
Ants – in so harmony a pattern work
yet without a president or king?
How!? Celestial bodies hang onto nothing
spanning across the sun – over great distances;
heightening this master star’s brilliance.
East relate with West, North with South,
four seasons experienced with fluctuations
fading into insignificance – an annual ritual.
My imagination is hungry – these secrets I thirst to know
Who will – my eyes to the wonders of creation
and glories of the stars fully open?
To me – ways and whims of the heart teach?
How O my senses settle in despair!
These are beyond my boastful wisdom,
yet there exists one.
He’s all-knowing,
clamors not for fame or fortune,
he is Jehovah.

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