Who are we,
sons of our fathers?
Or a new breed – a people few cheat
to detain power, empty treasuries
while many are docile, unconcern’d
to expose injustice and fraud?

Yesterday’s off-limits are today’s norm
our sense of right and wrong diminish’d
nobody teaches MATHS & HISTORY anymore
but In-Jesus-Name-We-Pray,
Holy Ghost-Fire, Prayer-Warrior logic,
Religious but ungodly we’ve become.

A word was once said of us (Igbos) –
“Reason and virtue run in their race”
Lunatics now man our asylum
they’ve sold God for a new master
Naira is now Alpha and Omega
it instructs new values; it breeds vice.

Who are we,
sons of our fathers?
Or a new breed – a generation with a swag
old ways can’t: define, understand
admire, admonish, dissuade or reprimand
but who gives a BS?

© Ugo Nkwoala | 2013 | All rights reserved.

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