A journey filled with purpose
a journey fraught with dangers,
hurdles, anticipations, and obstacles;
an expedition that must find its destination,
even if the prospect is full of pain.

The irony: the chap on the other side of the Mediterranean
watching his idiot box inferring you as a statistic
is clueless, ignorant, or a racist
“Didn’t you know you would be unwelcome
when you set out on this voyage?”
He says it to your face.

You do it alone,
yours are the tears
yours are the fears of repatriation, and only
yours are the gains.

Faith tells you: “March on, soldier!
bear your burden –
a poor beast expects no courtesy.”

Oh, Joe,
citizens of the civilized world
have a conscience; give me hope!

© Ugo Nkwoala |TheVillageGong | 2021

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