“A major theme among women …. is their difficulty in asking men to do this or that, to touch them in a certain way. Women are very tender with the male ego. They’re afraid of offending their partner’s pride because men like to think they know how to perform.”
― Avodah K. Offit, The Sexual Self

You thrust with all your might
then it’s over.

Why the urgency? Don’t give me two minutes
with your fingers twisting at my nipples.
Hell, No!
That wouldn’t do at all nor will a quick
raid on my nether regions.

what do you think I am,
an ATM you slot into and off you withdraw?
I need time, dear lover, to warm up, to get ready,
….exhaust me, as if I’m your last meal – no quickies.

Then we can gossip
about our next door neighbor,
post-mortem the stock market,
argue over your snoring habit
before sleep comes.

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