State of Affairs

What happens when a state fails?

Does it become a museum revered
for the splendour of its history, like Rome?
Or does it succumb to corruption in the hands of thugs
who restrict Liberty to take more
of the pie that they steal from the wretched?

Does the stench of injustice leave you
pondering why our sovereignty is worse than any other?
Or is the triumphs of reason beyond us
because we feel helpless and numb to change
the outcome we crave for our kids?

A failed state is only the beginning of the reckoning;
a cataclysm is what follows. Oh! Never mind if you’re from
the North, the East, the West, or the South.
We are the ruins: you and I.

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2020 | All rights reserved.

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