Uncomplicated me
I thought I was coloured blind
free-thinking and kind
with an evolved mind,
loving and accepting
of the ones I find.

Yet my blindness
is that of privilege.
I’m just a visitor
in the Global village
from my narrow thin mind
there is too much spillage.

Although so many
are forced from their homes
my life seems carefree
I am deaf to the groans,
brown women wearing veils
that can’t protect them from stones.

I live in a whitewashed place
No “Freedom Marches”
for men of a different race.
Yet, if I look back and trace
there are darker stories to face.
We all took part in shameful things
yes, we share in the disgrace.

Highways of tears,
Rivers of shame,
there’s always
someone else to blame.
Residential schools –
each child got a new name
they were forced to forget
the place from where they came.

Prisons filled
with black and red-skinned men;
they can’t forget
this now or then.
Promises and promises
but, who how and when
or will their children
have to live it all over again

So yes!
No longer colour blind
with the opening of my mind
I let colour seep in
starting somewhere different
today I begin
because I know
it shouldn’t be
just the privileged who win!

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | 2016

undefinedRichard Lamoureux blogs at wisedummypoet.com, through his writing Richard shares how words have impacted his life according to his musing, few things in life have more power than the words that make up each of our lives and world view.

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