In a quaint street lined with cozy houses and bustling shops lived a dog, Snoopy. Known for his insatiable appetite and mischievous antics, Snoopy was always lookout for a chance to seize something of value. His lively eyes scanned the surroundings, hoping for a stroke of luck.

One sunny day, the mouthwatering aroma of freshly grilled meat drifted from the butcher’s shop. The kind-hearted butcher, seeing Snoopy’s wagging tail and pleading eyes, couldn’t resist the urge to share a treat. He handed Snoopy a juicy bone, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

Butcher: “Here you go, Snoopy! Enjoy this tasty bone. May it bring you joy!”

Snoopy: barked with delight, “Thank you, kind butcher! Today is the best day ever! I won’t forget your generosity.”

Grasping the bone in his jaws, Snoopy felt a surge of excitement. He imagined savoring every succulent bite, his tail wagging vigorously. Determined to protect his newfound treasure, he trotted down the street, his paws tapping on the pavement like a rhythmic melody.

As Snoopy crossed a narrow footbridge that arched over a glistening stream, he noticed his reflection in the calm waters. His heart skipped a beat; another dog was before him–carrying a bone far grander than his own–so it appeared.

Snoopy: “Wait, what is this? Is that a dog with an even bigger bone? I must have it!”

His thoughts fueled by envy, Snoopy’s tail stood on end, and he dropped his bone in pursuit of the illusionary dog. With a daring leap, he lunged into the water, oblivious to the consequences of his hasty decision.

But the stream proved treacherous; its current was fierce and unforgiving. Snoopy struggled, his paws desperately paddling against the water’s force. Panic seized his heart as he fought for dear life; his initial excitement turned into a fight for survival.

Amidst the chaos, a wise old cat perched upon a nearby fence, observing Snoopy’s predicament. With a calm and steady voice, she called out to him.

Cat: “Snoopy, my friend, remember the old saying, ‘All that glitters is not gold.'”

Snoopy: gasping for breath “Help! I’ve been foolish and lost my bone. Please, lend me your wisdom.”

Cat: “Snoopy, you were consumed by illusions. True treasure lies not in the size of a bone but in the contentment of one’s heart. Remember this lesson well.”

With renewed determination, Snoopy fought against the current, his willpower propelling him closer to the shore. Finally, he scrambled onto solid ground, his fur dripping with water and his spirit humbled by his folly.

Snoopy: reflecting with a sigh, “I was blinded by my greed and the allure of what seemed like a grander bone. But in my pursuit, I lost what truly mattered. From today onwards, I shall cherish what I have, for it is the key to lasting happiness.”

With newfound wisdom, Snoopy continued his journey through the lively streets, his steps more measured and purposeful than before. His tale spread among the neighbors, becoming a reminder to appreciate the simple joys life offers and to resist the temptations that can lead him astray.

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2023

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  1. Hey ,Ugo, i know it’s not about the dog . It’s about us ….”with a dating leap , he lunged into the water , oblivious to the CONSEQUENCES of his hasty decision” am apprehensive here ! Well done o boy .My silence is not intentional . Will get back any time please !

    Bonne Chance !

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