It says a lot – this long white gown;
Straight, fully flowing, A-Lined maybe Fit n’ Flare.
“Finally, I’ve made it, I’m someone’s significant other
soon to be a mother, if I’m not already.”

As the veil is lifted
attendees applaud, then notice
the glowing smile or concealed frown
then the first public kiss or perhaps many of much.

That unique day at the altar, at full glare
all heard them repeat vows before the supreme Judge,
“Don’t return, this pact to tear”, the duo got admonished
“Keep that smile burning”, well-wishers encouraged.

Nodding, smiling, sparkly rings exchanged.
Soon, she runs to Mama, “I want out,
he staggers to a bonding with rum and spirits,
tipsy by night, by morn sober.”

“Marriage isn’t a bridal gown – spotless n’ fitting
it does give a red carpet sometimes, oftentimes
throws a mud as you waltz down the aisle of matrimony
but Patience makes permanent.”

© SpilledWoords, 2019

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