Handcuffs can’t their immoral pursuits deter
Like professional secretaries to first world executives
Whose short skirts, tight pants, juicy thighs conceive nothing but rape –
their stairway to climb the highest corporate rung
Some Stepmothers stop at nothing to gain financial freedom.

Portifa’s wife-like women –
My son befriend her with wariness to get his father’s attention,
Else, she cries rape and ropes you into turmoil.
She’s worse when sweetheart’s old, worn, and rich,
Her sacred treasury point she oils with gigolos,
Lavishing father’s wealth on these young sex managers-
Old sweetheart kept in the dark.

A handsome stepson’s still endangered;
Not spared from her amorous trysts report and be exiled;
Your home outstripped by her agents – children
she’s sired, cheering false friends.
If you’re their friend, gird your loins,
A third world war might be brewing,
just because of your snitching.

Stepmothers like the Bibles Hagar
Who resume duty as lowly servants –
Their madams begin to stink as soon –
as soon as their bellies shoot up.
Hagar – like stepmothers buy their wares in a red-cloth shrine,
Any food they serve is portent – a materialization of inventive genius.
Her’ s a science experiment – you the laboratory, your internal organs the specimen.
Have her rummage through her food mixture inside out before tasting,
if your life is worth the price of a pair of shoes.

The second best stepmothers are mature leeches.
Let a private eye film them if you care to win.
Then there’s the stepmother you bought
For DAD as a memorial gift –
If she devout, fear her most.
Her fangs are worse than cattle stampede.

The thing with wise stepmothers is
They marry you before they Wed father;
Then you can rest assured, War’s over.

© Ndidi Ugo-Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2021 | All rights reserved.

Photo credit: “Lydia the Tattooed Lady” by Mark Fredrickson

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