Mere words, you may say –
Yet they possess strength, character
Personality and tenacity.

The word that dammed the great sea and
shattered Jericho’s great wall.
The word that broke jars,
grinding them to a fine powder and
that caused corpses to stand and walk.

The word that shone forth as the light and
threw food from the cloud,
and Manna – a lump of meat that never stank
That fell endlessly.

The word that multiplied a little jar of oil
and fine flour, and gave tongues to men.
The word that spoke so loud
that thunders wearied.

Drawing by Frank Cotham

The word that stayed the force of fire;
Calmed windstorms,
Changed lions to house pets and
Rebuked death.

That word – God’s word
Came down as flesh in Christ
Ages later, it still speaks
Soundlessly for all to hear.

© Ndidi Ugo- Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2021 | All rights reserved.

Photo credit: Ecce Homo, Behold the Man, 1871 by Antonio Ciseri

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