Urgently needed:
a competent man
looking to join a deserving partner
in setting up and building a home.

The prospective applicant need not be
some macho fellow, a gym freak or a baby-face
who looks 30 when he is 50, although
handsomeness is a plus but not a requisite.

“An amiable, faithful man is needed not a douchebag keen on heartbreak.”

To be considered for the job is a gentleman
with a sweet soul from the heart to the lips
undebased as the lily is white and pure;
competent at diplomacy, tact, and self-control.

To be effective in this role;
a top-notch PhD or an MBA from
a prestigious university isn’t necessary,
but a master’s degree in Karma Sutra is a must.

Your work responsibilities will envelop the full range
of putting my needs and feelings first and yours last.
You need not even be a Christian but the long-suffering
of Christ will help you excel and endure on the job.

This contract offers no monetary compensation
except for the proceeds you’ll earn when
I guide your wild horse home, catering to your lust. Oh,
there’s the dividend earned by fostering a happy home.

If you believe you can offer the broadness
of involvement that this position requires
kindly request a casual meeting or a date
private chat with me via Facebook or Twitter.

Please note. An amiable, faithful man is needed
not a douchebag keen on heartbreak.
Best regards,

© Ugo Nkwoala | TheVillageGong | 2021

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